Trampoline & Tumbling

Trampoline & Tumbling Classes


Trampoline & Tumbling 101/102

This is combination class for both the beginning level athletes who want to learn skills in tumbling and trampoline, as well as athletes who have some experience and want to improve their skills and learn higher level skills as well. The Athletes will be separated by skill level to ensure their safe development. The class will focus on 3 events: Double mini trampoline, big trampoline, and tumbling on the floor. This class also teaches safety for the higher-level skills.

Trampoline & Tumbling 103

This class is invitation only and is for students who have mastered intermediate skills on the trampoline and tumbling floor. At this level, kids should be able to be hand spotted on back handsprings and be proficient in round offs, dive forward rolls, be able to connect trampoline combinations, and front flip on trampoline.

Trampoline & Tumbling 104

By invitation or trial only! Athletes will be required to meet for at least one 1.5-hour sessions per week and can meet for two. For students who are interested in competing in the sport of trampoline and tumbling, have a back handspring, and are proficient in flipping and putting combinations together on trampoline. This class works on improving Level 4 USAG skills and acquiring Level 5 skills.