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Beginning Dry Land Diving

The goal of the class is to teach diving board fundamentals, and body position in a safe training environment before kids enter the pool. Build confidence before beginners enter the pool. Access to the pool will be part of the class for those that have mastered skills and confidence to execute safe beginning dives.

Thursdays | 5:30-6:30


Diving Lessons

No experience necessary. Learn the basic skills of diving in this 8-week session. Classes begin on January 25th.

Saturdays | 11:00-12:00 (Ages 6-12)


This class is for beginning divers. We will focus on basic fundamentals and diving safety. Learn safe skill progressions and beginning diving movements.

Emphasis: On jumps, line-ups, and head-first entries off the 1-meter diving board. Introduction to front, back, inward dives.

Future Champions Class

Appropriate for intermediate divers that are interested in more practice time. Progression of skills on both 1 meter and 3-meter springboard from somersaulting to 1 ½ somersaults and twisting. Focuses on preparing divers for the commitment of training on the J.O Team.

Emphasis: is on acquiring competitive dives and more advanced somersaulting and twisting skills that will ready them for competition.

High School

Our high school program is dedicated to our divers that would like to dive year-round but choose not to compete in USA diving.

J.O. / Elite

J.O- is catered to the diver that wants to dive year-round and would like to compete in the USA circuit.

Emphasis: is on training and competing at a competitive level.

Elite is by coach’s invite-only.

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