Dive Into Classes


Foundation of Diving Class

Foundation of Diving Class will be held on Saturday mornings at 10-10:45 and 11-11:45am. This is a Dry Land camp within the facilities of Airborne Academy. Classes are open to 6-10 year olds. $80 per 2 month sessions.

We will work on:
Posture Front, Back, Reverse and Inward jumps,Front and Back Approaches, Tumbling, Handstands
And More….


1 hr. practice, 2 day/week. This class is for beginning divers. We will focus on basic fundamentals and diving safety. Learn safe skill progressions and beginning diving movements.

Emphasis: On jumps, line-ups, and head-first entries off the 1-meter diving board. Introduction to front, back, inward dives.

Future Champions Class

1 ½ hr. practice 3 days per week and 1-hour dryland on Thursday. Appropriate for intermediate divers that are interested in more practice time. Progression of skills on both 1 meter and 3-meter springboard from somersaulting to 1 ½ somersaults and twisting. Focuses on preparing divers for the commitment of training on the J.O Team.

Emphasis: is on acquiring competitive dives and more advanced somersaulting and twisting skills that will ready them for competition.

J.O. / Elite

2-hour practices, 3 hours dryland, 5days/week. J.O- is catered to the diver that wants to dive year-round and would like to compete in the USA circuit.

Emphasis: is on training and competing at a competitive level.

Elite is by coach’s invite only.

High School

3 days a week, 1 ½ hour practices. Our high school program is dedicated to our divers that would like to dive year-round but choose not to compete in USA diving