Interested in information for the upcoming 2018-2019 season?

Please call to set up an appointment and tour for an overview of the upcoming season and expectations.

APRIL 30th for all athletes new to Airborne Academy


For those who simply love the sport of cheerleading, we provide teams that focus on teamwork and fun.  . Our squads perform routines comprised of tumbling, stunting and dance under the direction of USASF Certified coaches Michelle Mathison, Rodrigo Quintanilla, and Sophie Weaver, Airborne Academy is known for having a fundamentally strong team that delivers stellar performances!

Our All-Star Cheer Team structure provides opportunities for kids at varying levels The competitions are an invigorating experience for everyone involved!


We like to call our Cheer Prep programs our “stick the big toe in the water” program.  New to cheer? Not enough experience?  Not sure if they have the passion for this and want to try it?

Our cheer prep programs are run like our All-star teams with a little less travel, a little less cost, but all the fun and skill building.

We offer full season (year round) cheer prep ages 6 – 14, (MAY 12 2018)  and 1/2 season cheer prep (August start)


If your child loves cheerleading, talk with us to find out more about Cheer Team opportunities.  We’d love the chance to answer any questions you may have.