Interested in information for the upcoming 2016-2017 season?

Please call to set up an appointment and tour for an overview of the upcoming season and expectations.

Placements will be mid-to late April with teams starting May 1.


For those who simply love the sport of cheerleading, we provide teams at all five competition levels. Both coed and all-girls squads perform routines comprised of tumbling, stunting and dance. Under the direction of USASF Certified coaches Michelle Mathison, Rodrigo Quintanilla, Kyndra Jensen and Marnie Hahn, Airborne Academy is known for having a fundamentally strong team that delivers stellar performances!

Our All-Star Cheer Team structure provides opportunities for kids at varying levels. We compete in local, regional and national events. Every cheer team member must participate in our tumbling classes, according to their level. Individually, each member works to fine-tune their skills and then athletes come together to perform dynamic routines suitable for their skill levels. The competitions are an invigorating experience for everyone involved!

We love the sport of cheer – and that’s why our program does not tolerate the drama or cruel remarks that can sometimes accompany cheer squads. At Airborne Academy, we expect our parents and students to set a good example of sportsmanship. Athletes are to be a source of encouragement and support for their teammates. We believe when one athlete in our program masters a new skill and gains confidence, the entire team wins!


Instructional periods for team athletes are longer and more focused on perfecting specific skills for competition. Depending on skill level, athletes are expected to attend 1-2 hour practices 2-3 times a week (this involves a mix of both cheer and tumbling classes). Classes are offered multiple times on different days of the week, so families can choose the ones that best fit their schedules.

The competitive cheer season runs from May to the end of April. However, we ask that team members practice throughout the year to ensure they retain their competitive edge. We realize these same kids also have school and family commitments, so we work hard to make practice schedules adaptable. Squad selection tryouts are held annually, in the spring.

If your child loves cheerleading, talk with us to find out more about Cheer Team opportunities.