Trampoline is a thrilling, high-flying sport! We have yet to meet a child who doesn’t want to bounce on a trampoline, or a parent who isn’t concerned about them jumping safely. And that’s why we’re here – to teach trampoline safety and help kids discover new ways to enjoy this activity!  Our trampoline and Tumbling classes include Tumbling Instruction, Double Mini Instruction, and Trampoline Instruction.  Each lesson plan is structured to meet the needs of your child.  As their skills develop, our difficulty increases to push their development.
Trampoline and Tumbling  classes give kids a chance to bounce high, learn body control, and develop spatial awareness. Compared to other fitness options, the trampoline’s natural resiliency actually minimizes wear and tear on the body. Our T&T Rec classes are designed for kids of any age, shape, size, or fitness level. Participants learn how to jump safely, complete different drops, and use the proper technique for front and back flips. The trampoline’s forgiving nature makes it a great way for kids to succeed no matter what age they get started!